Designkwartier: Design Festival in The Hague

Designkwartier 16-18 May 2014, The Hague

Such design stuff I do want to see! The Design Festival, focused on slow design, food and lifestyle fits perfectly in this neighbourhood, the Zeeheldenkwartier, with its small shops, yoga studios and cafés. It spreads in a few streets, but I can assure you that you can spend a good three hours if you really want to get an idea (to start off with). The designers are present and willing to talk about their creations, in a very clear way; these people are clued up! There are also shops that participate; good chance to visit them, sometimes we are shy to get into a design shop, with the fear that it will be too expensive or not approachable. If you have in mind to carry a budget, think of prices from a few euros to a few hundreds; what you can find, to mention some: stationary, kitchen towels, tables, chairs, toys, rapping paper, ceramics, bags, cakes, plants, and of course decoration stuff that don’t fall under the common categories. Among the ateliers there are also po-up shops and etalage displays in the local businesses.

I got on the bike and went straight to Prins Hendrikplein, to Hotel Sebel to get the map. That’s exactly in the middle of the tour, but you can also find maps on Piet Heinplein, the official starting point. I did not see everything; hope to give it a go again on Sunday. I am curious what the two participating museums have in display.

The following photos are from Piet Heinstraat:


MUUS by fraaiheid

“The first series of MUUS consists of three figures that gratefully adorn the locations where screws were put into the wall”

tables made of one plate by fraaiheid
Wauw shop

Check out the kitchen garden workshop; you may leave with a garden on your bike; I must go back for those courgette plants!

Within Boundaries by Maarten Schenkeveld

Plaster vases made with a special technique; in the presentation, we get to see the result, the process (through a video projection) and the materials used as well

futuristic film at the basement

Futuristic films by Floris Kaayk at the basement of #2 De Besturing; I missed a bench or something to sit (good idea?)

Piet Heinplein: the starting point
Coupe Soleil by designer Heetman Patijn

In the pop-up shop of Cor-unum Contemporary ceramics

The Fine Store

…with fine things: ceramics, fabrics and some very special jewellery pieces

at the etalage of hairdress salon “Il Mundo Kappers”

Landschap in uitvoering by Sander Boeijink, Nienke Sybrandy and Jeroen Wand van Grondvormen

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