opening evening photos

I was there only with my thoughts; but here are some photos for us to get an idea; waiting for the stories to arrive next week!

Polygon art

opening First Floor Galley:
Pictures by Kumbulani Zamuchiya

opening first floor gallery discussing how the light interacts with the surface of the object

photo: Kumbulani Zamuchiya Interacting with the object using the solar panels to power the rotation of the object.

photo: Kumbulani Zamuchiya relating to the art works.

photo: Kumbulani Zamuchiya Observing the objects turn with the power of solar energy

photo: Kumbulani Zamuchiya K_Van, Valerie Kabov, Marcus Gora and guests

photo: Kumbulani Zamuchiya During the day the object turn gently, powered by solar enegry

photo: Kumbulani Zamuchiya Babies, family and friends join the exhibition.

photo: Kumbulani Zamuchiya Discussion, how the objects might work in Scandinavian. They would turn, then stop in a random position for the winter.

prototype feb 2013

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