dOCUMENTA (13) – the memory of avant-garde

In Kassel-DE and until 16 September you can see documenta  (13), a cultural event of world standing.

But let’s see first what is true in this sentence.

This year’s Documenta is placed indeed in Kassel but also in Kabul (Afghanistan), Alexandria/ Kairo (Egypt) and Banff (Canada).

It runs from 9 June to 16 September in Kassel but dates differ for the other places.

The verb “see” as in visual arts is banned as inappropriate. Instead we read that you have to commit to the act of being emplaced.

The description “cultural event of world standing” falls in as the belief that our traumas and points of departure are the world’s main concerns; the absolute subjective view of art by a curator can hardly be named “world standing”.

Removing the dubious elements I write again only what is a certainty:

documenta (13), cultural event

documenta (13) is a title; or not? All art students (in Europe at least) once learned that documenta is the place to see what lies ahead in art. Now I see the brilliance of actually renewing and expanding the audience while safeguarding the object (non object).

Cultural event; culture is the spit of peoples containing their soul and their lives’ customs, thus beholds the link where they can recognize themselves and the others. One expects a cultural event to withhold this link; someone has lost it.

My sentence is all withdrawn as false.

But, on retreat and in a state of hope
I’ ll just keep on ’til I get it right.

dOCUMENTA (13) Das Begleitbuch/ The Guidebook katalog/ catalog 3/3

Mickey making notes in documenta-Halle so that we can later analyze

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