RED color

It is no deception. Some people have a peculiar characteristic; the colour of their eyes changes, influenced by internal and external factors. The whole colour substance of a person changes according to its own situation and that of its environment. These are known things; however, this kind of colour that hangs between situations and that typifies a person temporarily draw my interest right after the black and white revelation. Colour as substance of its object-carrier became then the focus of observation. Then, like always when working in an idea, I could see people’s colour while we were talking or hand shaking; just as in other years I would mentally draw the shapes of their noses.

Most recently, red colour came to surface. It is a colour opposite to blue as difficulty. Blue color is easy to make shimmer just like the sea does. As paint it flows, as surface it is easily acceptable. On the contrary, one can practically see the elements of a painting suffocating under the pressure of the red colour, unless it is treated as an already erupted mass. Red colour must fall 100 percent in place; otherwise you have a mess instead of an image. As paint, it turns black easily because of its chemical basis, as surface it challenges the receptivity of our view. While painting with red, my eyes start burning after a couple of hours. Leaving the studio after a red session, I am almost blind.

stripe from 'flag influences', total size 140x140cm, 2010

One thought on “RED color

  1. Wow! About your red painting! And people colors! I love reading your thoughts about what and hoe you create.
    Here, in Vermont, the color of the fields and the trees is different every day. It’s great to be surrounded by changing color.

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