Kunstvlaai 2010/ Art (Limburgian) pie 2010

The Kunstvlaai 2010 ran its last day on Sunday 24 May, in a striking contrast between the warm sunny day and the dark robo-futuristic exhibits. The most impressive constructions and rather the majority of the exhibits asked for confrontation under means of disintegration and disfiguration. However, the congestion of loud works in limited space worsened my ability to hear or see anything above a certain frequency. Instead of attracting my interest, they sent me off to search for something else. Luckily this something else was there to be seen.
I note three “kiosks” that stood out:

The ‘Home Flight’ by the Finnish Saara Vallineva, on the transit home place, an issue more present than we think. The detailed way in which the piece is worked out places it into space with gravity.

Home Flight by Saara Vallineva, Kunstvlaai 2010

The works of students of the Sandberg Institute /applied arts which are praise to craftsmanship of high artistic level: Lida Krul, Ulrike Rehm, Elana Goray, Apostolos Ntelakos, Anders Gydum and Arthur de Vries.

Ulrike Rehm, Sanberg Institute/applied arts, Kunstvlaai 2010

The absolute low tech potato installation by Tan Bartnitzki and Waldemar Sulewski; though just a raw idea, it said exactly what it was.

'Tanwald', The spreading of the blue Swedes and Laura, Kunstvlaai 2010

2 thoughts on “Kunstvlaai 2010/ Art (Limburgian) pie 2010

  1. Great post, thanks – I get to see the good stuff without getting a migraine from what I seems like a lot of noise? I especially like the low tech potato installation – raw ideas turned into raw material! Completely not relevant, but the installation reminds me of a flotilla of ships with masts, pehaps because today I saw that it’s the 70th anniversary commemoration of the Little Ships of Dunkirk.

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