5 art scams exposed.

Just to add that lately the tariff has increased to around 500 Euros, per work (!!!). Maybe scam no 6 that preceded the mentioned ones, many galleries in Holland that have been charging the artists, very casually, since I first came here in the 90’s, maybe even before. Of course then the artists, or most of them, did not have a reason to react negatively as this fee could be claimed to the artists centres financed by the municipalities; tell me then who is scamming as a principle.

Polygon art

Scam 1:

January 2006

Good day to you. I will like to know if this painting  “man with wings” of yours is still for sale and to know the least price. However, i will make my payment with a cheek, so i will like you to provide me your contact details in the manner below…

If you reply to this, they will tell you that a check is waiting for you at Western Union, but they continue “I have a check of $5000,could you pay the difference first? ” At the Western Union the check is waiting, you pay the difference. Once you get your check it bounces. http://stopartscams.blogspot.nl/

Scam 2:

November 2013

Contact through  gallery website like Saatchi.com
I found your beautiful painting  ‘two dogs’ on the site. It still for sale? I really love it and would like to buy it immediately for my father who is very…

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+1 reason for visiting Santorini island this summer

Deadline for submissions: 19 May 2012
Exhibition dates: 1 July – 30 September 2012
Theme: The Past – History, Time, Memory and Nostalgia
Website: http://www.santorinibiennale.gr/

I have no other information than what is published on their website, but the fact itself that an exhibition of high expectations will be held on the island-experience of Santorini is already attractive. The organizers are Greek but the curatorial team is mostly international; also international will hopefully be the exhibitors’ team. It is curious to me why they separate the art fields in such detail yet leave out textile art (for example) which  is actually booming. Also curious is the lateness of the call for artists. I wonder how they will select and collect in no time.

Despite all, here is why you should consider submitting work or just visiting the exhibition:

1) It is a project in its birth and – as with any birth – worth sharing.

2) The venues will be spread on the island but the main focus will not be on the highly touristic places (if that can be said for any corner of Santorini).

3) You have a chance to contribute in breaking the “sold and bought with pleasure” degenerate image “ouzo-souvlaki-sun tan lotion” that is far from what Greece is about, even in modern times.

4) This year, after 7 years of being closed, the archeological site of Akrotiri, Santorini’s prehistoric city, is again open. You must have seen in books or on the web the frescos discovered there; well, this is the place itself! The people had left, apparently nature had warned them well, so there are no bodies nor jewellery found like in Pompey. What you see in the site itself is a prehistoric town with houses and roads, practically saved by the lava.

5) Santorini is a place that you must have seen, point. There are hundreds of  islands in Greece, each one with its own character and beauty. But, the breath taking view of the caldera, the walk on the black sand of Kameni, the swim in the dark blue waters at the other side of the island, this volcano burnt theater that is called Thera (Santorini) is unique beyond commentary. Just imagine now being part of it as an artist!

P.S. September is the best month to visit; not terribly crowded, somewhat cooler air, sea warmed up by the summer.

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