Textile in art – The Hague

 Analog 2014 Textiel Festival
6-26 September in The Hague

There is one day left to visit this textile festival, easily accessible in the centre of The Hague. So, Friday morning and luckily also in the evening during the wider cultural event called Hoogtij; a round  to exhibitions outside the normal opening hours. I would say, do take the offer; Analog is a show made by the art and design workers themselves; so, happily not a curator’s dream.

At the Grafische Werkplaats most probably you will be amongst people working on their silk-screens and etches; at Gemak you will be challenged with more sophisticated options; take it or leave it, as always. I found most interesting the heat sensitive fabrics at Interieurwinkel Edwin Pelser and the down to earth with a flair of light sensitivity works presented at HOOPwarenhuis. The images below come from this presentation. Enjoy!

"YUMI" by Christa van der Meer
“YUMI” by Christa van der Meer
"Denim Days-Sleepless Nights" by Studio Codex
“Denim Days-Sleepless Nights” by Studio Codex
...by Joshua Enker
fashion by Joshua Enker
"SCAPES trials" by Ilse Versluijs
“SCAPES trials” by Ilse Versluijs
... by Hector & Wolf
fabrics by Hector & Wolf
"Downtown dress up"  by Daniela Larue
“Downtown dress up” by Daniela Larue

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