Introverts and their defenders

What was that now: wise talkative people speaking on the defence of introverts …  I had never thought we needed anyone to stand for us; and even more explaining our qualities…

It must have been so that a whole generation (is that true?) grew up seeing and believing the “papardeles” – as we say in Greek – as the normal human behaviour and the straight undoubted way to success; people that need people to re-charge and a constant audience to justify their thoughts.  I encountered this even in the circle of colleagues painters making abstract expressionism while discussing with no matter who about no matter what. I encountered the same in ceramic studios but then the crafting part of the work could allow it…

Introverts can go in such depth when in silence to come to sink in the bottom of the internal feeling sensors with as result to develop such a capacity for empathy (grading only in connection to their intellectual level) to be able to come to the place of an extrovert. They say that introverts can fake been extroverts. Yes, that’s true, especially if they consciously exercise as described above from early age.

On the opposite of this, introverts could become perfect old fashioned astronauts.

Natural empathy and flying in space; it sounds like having the perfect hearing in life.

P.S. 1 Of course this does not point to success, no.

P.S. 2 I remember sitting across a friend at the reading table of the free academy of arts here in The Hague, both in silence, when he said “you see what happens when two introverts sit face to face?”

"spaceA", acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 190x160cm, 1999
“spaceA”, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 190x160cm, 1999

The painting was rolled up for many years but survived intact and now is resting hanging on the wall of my studio until I find the means to buy the stretcher-frame

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