5 reasons to hire an artist to renew your garderobe

Time for introspection and life assessment? Better switch the order and leave this for some bright day sprinkled with positiveness. For now, consider reducing your usual one-style clothes in your wardrobe; bring an artist to your life and assign her/him the task to choose your garderobe. These are the reasons:

1. Success:  your look will be a guaranteed hit; your artist-advisor will carefully choose what suits you, with a little twist; don’t be shocked about the twist, that’s what gets you out of the ordinary and will make people look; remember to smile back proudly.

2. Empathy: artists radiate emotions through their work that often are not just their own; they have a great capacity of empathy. That means that they can get in your place, be you; admittedly the most awkward “you”.

3. Economy: either of anti-conformism either of poverty, artists learn (and never forget) how to find garments in the most drawn-off places; low budget is the norm and you have the privilege to spend less.

4. Entertainment: you will experience a peculiar day, yes, but a day to remember too, for sure. The conversation will be out of the usual, the places too and you may even meet some strangers and have coffee with them; never a wasted moment!

5. Vibrancy: success is not the end of story; certainly not for artists. If you try to be alert of the aftertaste you will go home with more than your shopping. Enjoy!

P.S. inspiration source: a self-entertained person face to face with the darkest day(s) of the year

embroidery, 45x40cm approx.
embroidery, 45x40cm approx.

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