concentrate, whatever your goal might be

exhibition: Redefining what matters
artist: Claire van Lubeek (born in NL, 1990)
venue: MAMA, Witte de Withstraat 29, Rotterdam
till 12 January 2014

A rare case of fulfilment provoked in a space arranged with three massage chairs and a projection of statistics graphics on the wall. To hear the sound you have to sit on the chair (let yourself be massaged by it) and wear the earphones of an mp3. I sat without expectations; let myself be carried by the sound and image. I am not sure the work was deliberately made as ironic as it came across, however serious in fact; it is though a compilation of phrases and images, a rework of the familiar language of motivational coaches. So, the front layer comes from management books when the background music is more of a reiki session; fact that softens the frigid feel of a (any) working floor and the subject of the way to success, for that matters. Needless to say: success is not a solid notion…

To suggest time-life-personal management under the title “redefining what matters” hits a chord, rather negatively. However, if you hear the whole narration, the questions arising go deeper to the seeking of a fulfilled life. Looking at the boring graphics explaining that “low achievers have vague goals or no goals at all” or imposing questions like “why are you on the payroll” could enervate me, but the installation as a whole worked without such glitch. The distance between the chairs and the projection, plus the intimacy of the massage and the private sound create a self-justifying space pointing to the real bottom line which I totally co-sign: “concentrate-concentrate-concentrate”.

P.S. whatever your goal might be

"on the road to...", 2012, acrylic
“on the road to…”, 2012, acrylic

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