Painting: a quest to catch infinity

Oh, Painting, what a difficult art you are!

It is not really to wonder why it has been set aside in the name of whatever. I have felt it too, several times: real painting started after the first 4-5 hours of working; it could last until end of physical forces, or mental…

I am somewhere close, at times of satisfaction, and yet, when I look again it’s gone;  the “thing” is moved somewhere further. Painting is a quest to catch infinity; a hopeless act and vain too. That is why frivolity and triviality are out of place, out of the context of painting.

How you interpret that depends on your flying hours; basic thought that comes up: the hours spent drawing, even before the art school, were not mainly meant  to teach us how to draw but to teach us to draw.

P.S. 1 in the soup of it all drawing is often confused with tracing and painting with putting paints together

P.S. 2 exercise: draw a hundred times the word “draw”.

the images are from the exhibition ‘ISENHEIMER’ by students & alumni from the Fine Arts department of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague, 18-22 November 2013

exhibition at KABK The Hague
works by ….., at KABK Gallery
work by Akycha Tegelaar, KABK
work by Akycha Tegelaar, at KABK Gallery

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