5 art scams exposed.

Just to add that lately the tariff has increased to around 500 Euros, per work (!!!). Maybe scam no 6 that preceded the mentioned ones, many galleries in Holland that have been charging the artists, very casually, since I first came here in the 90’s, maybe even before. Of course then the artists, or most of them, did not have a reason to react negatively as this fee could be claimed to the artists centres financed by the municipalities; tell me then who is scamming as a principle.

Polygon art

Scam 1:

January 2006

Good day to you. I will like to know if this painting  “man with wings” of yours is still for sale and to know the least price. However, i will make my payment with a cheek, so i will like you to provide me your contact details in the manner below…

If you reply to this, they will tell you that a check is waiting for you at Western Union, but they continue “I have a check of $5000,could you pay the difference first? ” At the Western Union the check is waiting, you pay the difference. Once you get your check it bounces. http://stopartscams.blogspot.nl/

Scam 2:

November 2013

Contact through  gallery website like Saatchi.com
I found your beautiful painting  ‘two dogs’ on the site. It still for sale? I really love it and would like to buy it immediately for my father who is very…

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