Waking up a painting

A painting is created in a timespan of hours, days or months; sometimes years. Usually, especially in the case of creative saga, there comes a moment when you have to shake the painting, to make its soul fall in the contours. It is a final spurt of passion; the kiss of life (or death) totally fatal for better or for worse. The shaking is not necessarily a passionate gesture; very often it is more an ultimate focus, the correct solution, a line that connects everything. Think of the space making lines/ geometrical forms in Francis Bacon‘s paintings, or the coloured contours of the German expressionists, or a final lazure that you let drip over a dear part; the closing bravery of wiping out totally something that you had hoped to keep. That’s it then; the painting is finished.

A painting starts and ends with an action of bravery.

The painter ought to keep the painting awake; that has nothing to do with being nice nor satisfied.

Preparation work for framing "Darth Vader and me" of 1999 (190x208cm)
Preparation work for stretching “Darth Vader and me” of 1999 (190x208cm)

4 thoughts on “Waking up a painting

  1. Wow! I love what you wrote about painting!

    For the moment, Jonah is totally obsessed with Star Wars. I have not let him watch it, but he is making drawings of it non-stop.
    lots of love, E

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