Georg Baselitz comes out weak as his paintings

That the world of fine arts is sexist and one of the most conservative circles one can get caught up in has been obvious to me since my studies; there you had the guys seeing themselves as painters and  you also had the girls that could paint the poor ones; some of them pretty well (oh my…!). Of course women were expected to be out of any serious activity like squatting a common atelier…

Then we went out into the jungle, usually deprived of encouragement, trust and space to exist.

Of those  painters we were taught to admire, I would always skip Baselitz as a total cheater to the level of ridicule, with success nevertheless. His coming out stating that women cannot be anything in visual arts only shows what a weak insignificant mind he is; just like his paintings.

Now, let me continue reading my book upside down; they say it is good training against dementia.


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