book-log launching on artB

My house belongs to that category of spaces that tend to create piles  mainly of books and papers. Be it its small size or the nature of its inhabitants, the fact is that these curious piles do have a purpose; their destiny though is to wait and try not to collapse.

Putting myself in front, I confess that I usually interpret  “going wild” as spending hours at the library browsing from theme to theme or equal time at the bookstore spending an unforgivable amount on books. Some of my best memories are days that I spent reading without interruption; a strong indicator of falling into a deep is when my ability to read fails me; when most daily activities are just duties, reading firmly overtakes them.

For those who understand this, I launch on this blog the category book-log where notes on books will be posted; maybe I am not that fast, yet I persevere. So stay tuned!




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