Paper artworks – The Hague

Paper Biennale 2012 in Rijswijk and The Hague

Museum Rijswijk: until 13 January 2013
Museum Meermanno: until 2 December 2012

It was to finish on 25 November, yesterday, but it is extended because of big success. Well done, it is really an interesting show. I had seen the Rijswijk part some time ago and last Saturday went with Mickey to the second, smaller and more specific part at the Meermano Museum, the House of Book as it is known. Here, the artists show works made or inspired by books and letters. In the exhibition, though not really part of it, is also shown a video about the making of the Mini-Library made in the Netherlands: the Bibliotheca Thurkowiana Minor. The Library includes 1515 miniature books, each approximately 7 cm high and their content is according to a classic library division like Natural History, Music, etc. The library’s design is based on the famous 17th and 18th century Dutch Puppet-houses, some of which can be seen at the Gemeente Museum in The Hague. The motto of the library is a quote from  Cervantes’ Don Quichote: ‘Ellos son gigantes’, “They are giants”. The books are made by hand of course with tons of patience and quiet passion. Mickey was really impressed and did not want to leave before having seen the whole video of the man explaining and showing how this is done.

p.s. 1 The Meermanno Museum is also hit by the cutbacks in financing cultural institutions, a situation that will be felt from 2013.
p.s. 2 We did not take any photographs inside, only at the entrance; the work was also chosen for the poster

frozen stream of books by Alicia Martín

3 thoughts on “Paper artworks – The Hague

  1. A great and in a way scary piece. I wonder how the artist attached the books together, where she got the books from, if she will take the piece apart and use the books again afterwards and or if they go back to a library?

    1. The books are glued together; they were given to the artist after a “call for books” here locally. I don’t know if she will take the work apart but not to worry about the books; they are old editions that are not used anymore. They will certainly not go back to libraries or homes.

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