8th Aanwas BBK – Amsterdam

BBK is the Union of Visual Artists in the Netherlands, made and directed by artists. The Aanwas exhibition occurs annually the last eight years (started on its 60th anniversary) showing works of new members. This year, in a quite new neighbourhood of North Amsterdam called KNSM eiland, Aanwas 8 opened its doors on Friday 16 November and will run until Sunday 25 November. Vincent van den Eijnde, director of the author’s rights organisation for visual creators Pictoright  was very right to insist on the thought that culture in its wider sense should be a constant priority so that all the rest finds any meaning. This , mostly addressed to the politicians and authority people who scrap out financing the arts as first and easier target, not to mention how they discourage people from creating or educating themselves in any way. Seeing exhibitions of top quality or of modest result and often thinking of the reasons that lead anyone to get busy with art, I get down to one thought: humans are restless, trying to get out of their obvious self, trying to convince themselves that there is something else because there must be; through culture we do succeed in giving a meaning to our existence and sometimes in touching the truth.

Aanwas 8 with works of: CFM van de Ven, Chaya Kupperman, Claudia Bos, Els Vegter, Hetty Looman, Ine Oerlemans, Jan Roedoe, K_Van, Kiki Roosma, Lia van der Burgt, Magadel, Marian Hage, Marjolein Innemée, Marjolein Witte, Régis di Côco, Remke Spijkers, Sofia Kapnissi, Till Hegewald, Truus van Alphen, Wilma Vermeij and Wim Wessling.

Aanwas 8 opening by Vincent van den Eijnde with my works as background
opening of Aanwas8 at Loods 6 Amsterdam
music at the opening with K_Van’s works at the right wall

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