Impressions from the Open Ateliers weekend

Open Ateliers Den Haag, 6-7 October 2012

Better late than never, I publish now impressions from that weekend that is already overtaken from other impressions, some rain, wind and two rounds of cheese-pies and cakes from our oven (reaching amateur perfection there).

Around 50 ateliers in the center of The Hague were open but I hardly managed to see my next door neighbors since I was also a host and most of the time quite busy. It was a good weekend; lots of people passed by, many doing the round like a duty, a big number of personal contacts and a few precious strangers with good sense of commenting to the point. Ping An Brouwers, the jewelery maker next door, with his students provided a relaxing atmosphere even with music gigs for the later hours.

What comes out of such an event?

a few sales
potential orders
new contacts and refreshing of old ones
feedback from many people
observing people’s preferences
putting in words what you make
spending a month’s talk reserves

All this is fine, only the days after I had to put the atelier in working mode again and that took extra effort; now it’s time to focus before the next exhausting event. A big thanks to all those who took the challenge of climbing up (and then down) our staircase and especially to those who stayed for a little talk.

photos made mostly by Mickey v.d. Beukel

the ring taking form during this weekend by Steve Silver
Ping An Brouwers with students and clients
Eveline singing beautifully jazz songs
in my studio with Nancy, Filippos and Andreas

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