Write a 100 times the word youth

While cleaning at the studio for the open days of the coming week, I got busy with fixing  some older paintings. Small paintings that I had put aside in a crate some time ago and never really had the time to look at them again. Today they were my only mission: coming from different series, landscapes from South France or Brussels, abstract works with adolescent titles, works-sketches of bigger paintings and five pieces with a scribbled black line forming the word “youth”. I remember them, though I cannot recall how many  I had made for this series, then. This “then” is actually the problem. It is more than ten years ago, but exactly when I cannot say. When did I start forgetting when I made a series? Without doubt, falling slowly or not so slowly into the depth of what I am to become, I  let go of names, places, numbers and  images (?). Yes, the youth was to fill up, the after youth is to keep the necessary. I can only guess that  I felt the turning point “then”. This explains how the title of the series emerged: Write a 100 times the word youth.


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