Going to China

7th International “From Lausanne to Beijing” Fiber Art Biennale Exhibition

Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China

8 November to 15 December 2012

Through a very difficult time, that I considered “lost period” for my work, came out a few art pieces that I would keep. One of them is selected for this exhibition in China, where I am invited to attend the opening and the symposium that follows the next day. Half of the participants are Chinese, the rest from all over the world. I am already moved from the kindness of the organizers and the care they show to their exhibitors by being well on time with the documents and the information they need to provide. I am so looking forward to see the exhibition and meet these amazing textile artists…but first have to work on the travel…

“The power of leaves”, embroidery, 2012

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