Art in Prague III – interactive

Blessed are the days when wandering in cities; even more when under a warm sun; when invited to see behind the front walls and sometimes being allowed to touch. Touching art is a standard no-go; the so-called interactive shows don’t really break this rule. When pushing a button or standing in front of a sensor is still considered highlight of interactivity, Prague offers a sculptor who invites us to move his sculptures; touch and spin without fear. Jiri Vasica makes his marble dreams as rotating stone objects. Copying from his catalog: ” Rotated stone turns into a little cloud of amorphous substance. Only with gradual deceleration it gains particular contour and a firm shape, a shape that the stone obtained by the sculptor’s hand. Right in front of us, in a moment, a spectacle has taken place, a spectacle that happens in the universe constantly in time that is beyond our sensual perception”.

An even more interactive, in fact a do exhibition, is on at the Art Gallery for Children. The gallery is at the very center of the city, right next to the house of Kafka (one of them) and the homonymous café. With recycling as incentive idea, a  number of artists create environments where children and their company can add to the developing work. In the photograph below,  an impression of the forest of butterflies and flowers made of plastic bottles. More photos of the exhibition and an interesting article about it can be viewed here: hands-museum-kids-get-grips-recycling

For a good final dosage of Czech contemporary art, the Golden Ring House, in the old town, hosts the exhibition After Velvet, with works made after 1989 obviously. I did laugh a lot with the ready packs of life-size standard figures (in the photograph, the curator) by David Černý.

P.S. All exhibitions in Prague have a ticket, even if it is only a few crowns. It is remarkable that the majority of the audience are Czechs, for whom any ticket is not a neglectable amount.

September dream by Jiri Vasica
Forest of Monarch (butterfly) by Veronica Richterová
Knitting at the Golden Ring House
Curator by David Černý
the Golden Ring House

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