Art in Prague II – DOX

Prague is a city, a real one, where you can get lost. It offers the normal city contrasts and sometimes even mind leaps beyond the expected. Tram number 12 rides from the old city to Prague 7, a semi industrial area with working class buildings and wide roads; amongst all this sits a brand new box of art: DOX, the city’s centre for contemporary art mentioning in its motto the  “art´s capacity to suspend, even for a moment, our habitual ways of seeing”. The building is vast; once inside you are somehow swallowed; the daily whatever is anyway suspended.

The two interior photographs are from the exhibition “Anastomosis” (αναστόμωση: η εγχειρητική συνένωση δύο κοίλων οργάνων) an obviously Greek word meaning the surgical joining of two hollow organs. It is a project-research  on architectural solutions for joining  parts of the city of Prague. The detailed analysis of the proposals and their visualisation were just fantastic! Well done, really!


Anastomosis exhibition at DOX
detail of model
DOX, outside wall

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