December End

December, it marks an end for our side of the world. It is also the darkest month of the year, at least in the Northern hemisphere; the only one I know I’m afraid. It is a difficult month for melancholic temperaments;  driving home for Xmas (in the past), family reunions, compulsory happiness, heartpricking gifts and hardest of all the year’s summary. Now, let’s see: work, Mickey starts the preliminary school, work,  Mickey and I in Athens, mama falls and breaks hip, back to work, London in a hurry, work, summer, July rain, August rain, work, mama in The Hague not going out at all, conference, Venice, book layout, book layout with hick-ups, small prize for a short story (good one), in Athens for conference (good one), book layout, work meeting and the year is almost finished. It doesn’t look good at all. If only I think that my summaries in the past were lists of the works that I had made (as good points) and lists of worthless personal contacts ending in a continuous unbeatable loneliness (as minus points)… Today Mickey and I bought a small Xmas tree in a pot. We carried it on the bike, on his kiddie’s seat. Once at home, we realized that it is a bit skew; like the year that passed, I thought; like a rocket, Mickey thought.


One thought on “December End

  1. I am cracking up in laughter reading your latest. It is hilarious. I am laughing out loud. I know it has not been funny for you, all this year, but, the way you write about it, it adds so much good humor. Love reading your writings! and miss you too!

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