The road through

No, no, I am not going to allow myself to write a word about politics again in this blog, unless it concerns the arts and their servants.

Visual arts have taken anyhow the role of the public demonstrator of flaws –  much more than wonders – of humanity, very often leaving aside the object itself of the profession; the creation of visual artworks, I thought. I don’t know if it is a matter of absolute hospitality or a sign of weakness that the field of visual arts has embraced journalism (documentary, interview, etc.), scientific research, commentary of other art forms or other artworks, agriculture, biology, social sciences, information sciences (recently), plus the since long circulating and thus assimilated bits of theatre, dance and text.

The trend is still engaged art, at least for the A productions. Naturally, the fresh generation of artists went through its studies under this rule, so this is what it learned to understand and admire at least content wise. This is what will give them a place in the curators’ dreams.

A typical project of a serious Art Biennale would be:

The new road that the national or local authorities plan to open through a nature area: the background of the plan (reasons, technical details, past and present state of the area), the people involved (politicians, engineers, local people), the timeline (calendars, steps to follow), obstacles natural or artificial (legal measures for preventing the plan, side problems arising), the result till present. Since living in a globalised environment, we present three parallel cases: Bolivia, the Netherlands and Greece. We are working on real situations pointing out the different approaches to the problem, which is however one: the objection of the people living in the area (including those who represent the animals of the area). In one case the president is himself busy with the problem and conversating with his folk; in another there is a long discussion between parties that takes years just as a legal case does; in another case the politician orders a fire starter to do his job so then the road is open all by natural means and since there is no State-protector of the area there is no further problem. If we focus on the politicians we already have the evil mass to mould our structure. All the rest is the yeast to make the dough rise.

This project in numerous thematic variations can be seen at all major art showcases, including the Venice Art Biennale. More about the VAB to come soon.

The pictures are from three exhibits of the VAB.
relevant websites:

exhibit at the Central Asia pavilion (kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan). Title of the show: Lingua Franca. Experiences of Universal
Exhibit at the Cyprus pavilion. Title of the show: Temporal Taxonomy
Koen Vanmechelen: Born in Venice-Open University of Diversity. A contemporary manifestation on the borderline of art and science. A virtual research laboratory at the Palazzo Loredan Library

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