This is not a love song

This is a genuine political thriller.The extensions of it are difficult to grasp in their totality; it is a 4D (time including) craft that we can only view from the side that we are standing.  G.A.Papandreou (GAP) proves to be equal to his father in viciousness; his passion is gambling and he has apparently exercised in poker faces. The referendum was a bad idea at this point, but we have to give it to him. He is  brave, naturally or  chemically achieved is not easy to say, but still. I don’t think that anyone else would dare to make such a manoeuvre that was guaranteed to infuriate everyone, internally and even more externally, jeopardise all what he has worked for (even if it was wrong) and has been blamed for (lightly said) and even more bury his future together with the future of those who voted for him and simultaneously cursed him. Good or evil, he is nonetheless brave. Whereas, Samaras, the head of Nea Democratia, is the typical coward who becomes more pale than normal and backs off whenever the goal that he is striving for is coming closer. The idea of having him as representative of Greece insults me more than all what I have heard of and about my country the last 3 years.

Hundreds of scenarios and occasionally solution proposals have been heard during this time. Since even the most seemingly reasonable of them turn out to be as absurd or/and inhumane as bombing Irak for establishing democracy, I think that it does no harm to add two more. I make a plea on the main positive points of  the Greeks: surrealistic thinking and family consciousness.

1. With the last funds for travelling, the Greek State should send GAP to Hollywood to negotiate with a production studio the making of a series of political thrillers, preferably directed by Michael Mann. GAP should make a deal for the rights of the story of these last years and background information for the previous 30 years on behalf and for the benefit of Greece.

2. The Greek omogeneia should make a need-funds for paying off part of the Greek debt. I know that many of us have left – among other reasons – because of the unbearable situation of systematically cultivated  uncertainty reigning in Greece for years. Others had immigrated much earlier for economic reasons just as it is happening now again. Whatever the reason, I know that we would not refuse to help now and also that 100 EUR contribution (a feasible basis amount I dare to think) would not cover the debt. But, 200 million less debt would be something better than nothing.

Those said, I have faith that the lesson of individualism so broadly tought since the 90’s can prove to be a good skill for detaching the Greeks from the State, in the sense of expectations. The Greek State has not much to give anymore: no jobs, no subsidies, no coverage. We have to make it on our own, so time to wake up and go for it.

The pessimistic estimate for the situation is to see in what is happening a repetition of history. As the crisis is spreading to Italy, we could expect an invasion from the North, of course not with axes and fire this time. Anyway GAP helped to that at least. Germany, with France at its side, finally said it clearly: this is our Europe and you can be with us with the rules that we made or you can buzz off.  The lust for power at that level has an ugly face. They can spare us their caring words about the people. This is not a love song.

Europe reaching maturity

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