It’s been a long season of expectation. We’ve been shivering in our summer clothes under the rain and temperatures hardly over the 17 degrees. It was more time for thinking and dreaming than outing a voice for anything. I used to like the rain. It was my time to stay in and work at the studio long uninterrupted hours, cherishing the chance for concentrating without temptation.  But when temptation is totally out of the scene life shrinks to a ball of duties. I’ve been good with duties since school just so that no one would bother me with them. I would do them quickly to leave time for the things that make the brain change colours, like art, or like any challenge.

Summer came in Holland on the 1st of September and finished apparently on the 3rd; that was yesterday.  I’ve been out with Mickey since the morning and on our way home we fell on The Hague Pride concert in the center. We were so lucky because just when we were about to decide if we should go on or stay, Sarah Bettens came on stage and begun to sing. Mickey would not leave before she finished her performance. Beautiful! Back home he made two drawings of the stage and the musicians, piano and guitar. The piano is somehow more obvious. What you surely cannot see is her bold head which, as she explained in good humour, was the result of a careless haircutting action.


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