fills and gaps

Staring at books on shelves and the gaps between them, I wonder if the gaps between things inspire or follow the gaps in sounds – meaning silences – or even more interesting our personal gaps. Those are either permanent, like vacuums of pointlessness that need to be filled (usually with things, activities, lovers, etc.) either floating vacuums spread between our thoughts. The existential gaps, being more general and tied to our personality, usually do get filled at least for a certain period of time.

The floating gaps act differently when we are alone or when we are with company. When living with many in a household, confusion and distress is often caused by the inevitable untidiness of filled and unfilled spaces physical as well as intellectual. The more unstructured (for good or for bad) the household, the more our personal unfilled space floods with our housemates’ fills. The result is a disturbed line of thoughts; a transmission full of jamming that goes back and forth between the household members. When living alone, often the connecting lines sound like chords of a piano in which we are living. Not a pleasant situation either way.

I think that we all need ‘a room of our own’ for keeping our fills and gaps in our own order; and even more for seeing the connecting lines and hearing their sound.

Exercise for learning artists:
Stay in your house alone with closed window shutters, unplugged electrical devices and switched off telephones for three days. Try to draw, describe or sing your fills and gaps and their connecting lines. Draw your own order.

day 192, from the series "360 days"

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