How and why any giant can be silent? Or is it the silence that is gigantic? The ten enormous sculptures in ‘quartier Louise’ emerge at the side of one of the busiest boulevards of the city. In a space evacuated for their landing, with five story buildings surrounding them at a distance, the giants stand one behind the other containing their silence and their unspoken words. Each figure looks out at the other’s neck, evading any contact. In front of their mouth they have a kind of text protruding out; Mickey, my three year old son, created a sound (a different little scream) for each one of them. I wondered if the giants’ words could not be voiced because it was stopped by something in the air, could not be said in human language, were said but misinterpreted, were said only for open ears, or if the giants pretended saying something but actually kept their precious silence deep down in their body as many of us do.

Silent with company you know who your closest people are.

Silent in solitude you let the mind wander to the edges of your space.

Until 15 of July 2010, the 10 silent giants of the Mexican sculptor Rivelino will be in Brussels. Then they will move on to their next stop, Berlin I think, and will keep on travelling until they reach their homeland, Mexico, by September 2011.

Nuestros Silencios in Brussels 2010
Nuestros Silencios in Brussels 2010
Mickey interpreting the giants

One thought on “Silences

  1. Thinking of Mickey interpretting their silence made me break out into a big smile. I like what you write about silence.

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