Art is a constant experimentation, thus not compatible with ideas neither of surrender or compromise nor of comfortable self admiration. Continuing to do what you know best is like repeating the same successful experiment over and over and presenting the outcome as something essential. This recipe excludes failure and leads to frigid artistic achievements. Works where the human failure cannot be traced are as close to any truth as Hollywood films. Consequently, they are perfect for entertainment and decoration purposes.

I always thought that art was more linked to philosophy, including all contradictory hypotheses, decomposing and rebuilding, explaining a small pitch of the chaos or revealing it to us by a punch to the stomach. I fear that, just as in the world’s universities, here as well, humanities have lost ground to physical sciences. The new trend is to link the arts with experimentation where the arts are not the main factor. Link the arts to biology, to agriculture, to environmental studies, etc. and you have already neutralized them. Even more, a scientific experiment that is repeated as an artistic project is a parody underrating both scientists and artists for the joy of those who make careers on the back of disorientated fools.

Experimentation should appear from the artists’ working place; then only, biology, agriculture, environment, or anything else in the human or super-human sphere can be fuel for artistic creation.

De-composing spices, from "Room Landscapes in Transvaal" , S.Kapnissi 2007

4 thoughts on “Incompatibles

  1. Hi, Sofia, linking arts to al kinds of scienses, the new trend (since at least mid 90’s I would say here in The Hague) is now full blown exuberance of noncenses. I would recomend you though to see a successfully idiotic parody resently exhibited by gallery West in The Hague. I was kind of …stunned. Not by the fact that the artist made a bad taste joke with “cosmopolitan relationships”, but the fact that a gallery with such high expectations takes it seriously.

    1. Hi Aglika, I have not seen the exhibition but it is part of the project ‘the cosmopolitan chicken’ by the renowned Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen. If I am not mistaken a version of it was shown in the Central Museum of Utrecht a couple of years ago; I had seen that expo. What amazes me mostly in such projects is the use of words that come from the world of ngo’s: engagement , tolerance, biodiversity, culture balance, etc. The guy just found a way to fool everyone (to perfection) and the art managers in their ignorance have swallowed it with pleasure. Much better than getting a salary for working in one of those .orgs.
      For the rest, since fine arts envision their existence in connection to science and politics, I also expect us to start listening to revolutionary songs (as in the 60’s-70’s in GR) and banish all non engaged voices as meaningless aesthetics; nothing new in fact.

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