Kandinsky at the Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag

This morning I walked between people with headphones and cricking wooden floors, crowded rooms and alert museum attendants, just to see once more the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky, the starting point of my painting carrier. What is mostly moving about these works is the childish joy of liberation from de facto convictions about what an image ought to be. It is amazing to notice that the big core of contemporary art, works on exactly the opposite basis: the “documenting” form which is the main path, canalises any out jumping sparkle into the stream of daily life. It competes with the news journals, the catastrophic scenarios and the politics. Wassily Kandinsky I still ride on your horses; for balancing this banality.

I wear you like an abstract hat all the way from the start, S.Kapnissi 2010

the light, S.Kapnissi 1992

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