What about the intellectual development of our world?

The role of philosophers and artists (in the wider sense) in society is to contribute to the intellectual development of mankind. The consuming society of the last 30 years has twisted this role into a tool of entertainment, naming any shallow extravanganza an artwork, judging intellectual works as commercial products. Our administrators know that a tool cannot produce any threat, much more when it is there for sale; a free philosophizing mind is the biggest threat to a system that sells hot air; why? But just because it does not comply. Why it does not comply? Because it does not need what they are selling.

day 38, S.Kapnissi 2005


2 thoughts on “What about the intellectual development of our world?

  1. Philosophy, arts and our environment are in danger. Environmentalists are asked to put a price on our environment, whilst it is not for sale. How much would you pay for the virgin rainforest in Sabah on Borneo Island? I would say it is priceless. How much would the insurance companies give for the Van Gogh museum should it go up in smoke? Whatever the amount, it would never bring back the loss.
    The administrators feel they need these digit figures to understand the environment, arts and philosophy. But unfortunately they do not understand the numbers.
    Our economic crisis. The banks (who understand the numbers) are selling loans and ideas to the administrators (who are desperate to inflate their egos, but don’t fully understand the number). For example Goldman Sachs helps Greece or a new wow building in the Hague 300 miljoen euro (councillor Marnix Norder calls it the diamond of the city); who will pay and when? http://www.nrc.nl/binnenland/article2483758.ece/Den_Haag_krijgt_M_van_Koolhaas.
    The administrators also want to expand their position and power over philosophy and arts, to be the philosopher, to be the artist. By organising art institutions and by putting a price on the artists and henceforth by rewarding some artists and rejecting others they are heading us into a cultural crisis.

  2. Art is the essence of our existence. It is a distillation of the expression of our feelings, psyche’s, souls, reality and fantasies. This is beauty. Beauty leads to attraction. Attraction means survival of the species.

    Beauty must be shared with as many people as possible.

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