Arno van Roosmalen, director of Stroom Den Haag, this time you blurred it

The year started with big excitement: finally I got to rent a studio (one of the municipal studios that only members of Stroom can have) in the center of the city where I right away installed myself and set up my new working space. In February 2010, I received a letter from Stroom announcing me that they don’t recognise me as a professional artist anymore; note that I have been a member since 1997 with four years interruption because I lived then abroad. They judged my work activities of the last three years only. I became a mother three years ago so those have been the hardest years for keeping it up but I did continue, sometimes giving the focus on organising projects that involved many other artists (see at, sometimes by focusing on my own development. The fact is that starting off as an outsider, or more walking my own path, and being a foreigner in this country (not from the favoured countries nor from countries of conflict that are in fashion for these arrogant westerners over here), it was obvious year by year that this centre of arts did not want me in their feet; they just found the moment to expel me. I am sure that they have kicked out more people but noone talks. I do, and I continue to work on my own path. I still have the studio and I will report it as soon as something goes wrong with it.

In the meantime I am waiting for the apologies of Arno van Roosmalen and of Stroom.

If I am to die I might just as well have three legs, S.Kapnissi 2010

One thought on “Arno van Roosmalen, director of Stroom Den Haag, this time you blurred it

  1. Their judgement is a crazy and unfair. Arno van Roosmalen and the Stroom definitely need to apologize. How can one place such restrictions on an artist? An artist is a free spirit and needs to be respected as one.

    Also, being a mother and an artist at the same time is quite an amazing attribute! One should be applauded, not banned.

    The drawing and its text are really good.

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